Mobile Touch Screen Technology

Further improve the performance of mobile phone companies in producing a mobile phone, by creating features lines that can attract customers to buy their production of mobile phones, such as cell phones with touch screens, which are made with high sophistication and take a long time to produce this kind of mobile phone production . Mobile phones have more advanced and have changed more rapidly with the introduction of the latest applications, but the function of the application would not be possible without the support of the development of the hardware of the phone, such as Samsung cell phones that have attracted customers from a smartphone with a super screen is amazing. And for some industries that produce touch screen phones is increasing, and this is a significant advance over previous cathode ray tube display to be lighter.

An OLED screen on the phone also has a certain type of screen, but unlike LCD which is capable of producing its own light using organic compounds, and cell phone technology makes it possible to display finer images with a very strong color. Samsung is the manufacturer of the most high profile further by combining a touch screen sensor directly to the screen, and does not require an additional layer capacitive touch screen sensor.